Maintenance Update

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The low season months are a busy time for our team, as we work to complete special projects whilst the golf course is less congested. In October our greens underwent the bi-annual coring process, whereby we work to improve the overall health of the grass to achieve smooth, premium playing surfaces. The greens will take 1 week to recover to a peak standard, then no more than 3 weeks to be back to top level.

Other maintenance projects include the expansion of some tee areas on par 3 holes and the back tee on hole 10. We intend to move the blue tees back to the back tee area, thus lengthening the hole to over 300 yards for blue tee golfers. In addition to this we have planted some 70 new trees and bushes around hole 10, to place more importance on hitting the fairway!

We have also cleared some from around other areas of the golf course, to improve growth of other trees and give more sunlight to surrounding grasses. Finally we are starting to grass some areas previously covered with woodchip landscape, this is aimed to improve the playability and enjoyment of the golf course.