Golf Course

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Following the Singha Open 2017 in May, we took advice from the Asian Tour and started enlarging many tee areas – particularly on par 3 holes. By having larger tee areas, we hope to reduce wear and tear during the peak season. We will also be adding new back tees to the golf course to add length from the Black, which in turn allows us to move the other tees further back where suitable.

Since reopening we have found it challenging to maintain the vast landscape areas to our high standards, therefore we have started grassing many of these areas. Moving forward this will help prevent erosion from heavy rain and make those areas more playable to golfers. We have also removed some tall pine trees from areas around greens/tees, this will allow more direct sunlight to playing surfaces and more promote better growth in the grasses.

Regular golfers will have already seen the newly planted 70 palm trees along both side of hole 10 and the new larger back tee area. Lengthening this hole from the most commonly played tees is aimed at improving speed of play. Very shortly we will be moving the Red/White/Blue tees all backwards on hole 10. The added length should make the green out of range to most golfers drivers, meaning less need to wait for the green to clear before hitting.

Some of you may have noticed that our new state-of-the-art synthetic grass hitting spaces that has been added to the golf academy. This is to ensure sufficient recovery time for the grasses during the upcoming busy peak season months, without affecting your practicing experience.