Golf Course Upgrades


We have continued to explore ways to enhance the golfing experience at Laguna Golf Phuket. Following major works in 2013/14, we understand the importance of annual maintenance to improve our golf course year by year.


  • New and Extended Tee Boxes

We have rebuilt the back tee on hole 14, adding another 46 yards. Our intention will be to only place the Black tee markers on that new tee, with the Blue markers moving back around yards to the existing Black tee area. Whilst always in our plans, this extension will compensate from the lost distance from hole 7, as we have closed the back tee on that hole.


We have also reinstated the back tee on hole 11, after the completion of the Banyan Tree Phuket expansion project. We continue to extend other tees as much as possible, to spread usage and improve conditioning during peak season.


  • Hole 10

The Banyan Tree Phuket hotel expansion project is now complete, and work is ongoing to return the golf course back to top playing conditions. We have already reshaped and replaced the fairway area, which was being used at the service road.


On the tees, we have moved the white/red tee to allow more space for the cart path and kiosk. Landscapes are being planted to provide separation and privacy to both golfers and hotel. We have planted a large number of new trees along the left side, and will be planting more.


Additionally, the project team will install a large safety net along the boundary fence. Hidden by the trees, this safety net will help protect the hotel villas from stray golf balls!