Important Membership Information 2020



  • Annual Dues in 2020

There will be no increases to members annual dues in 2020, and will remain at THB 22,500 per lead adult, and THB 5,500 per associate member. Bag storage and locker rentals will also remain the same at THB 4,500 per year.

We will also once again we are delighted to provide each membership with the coupon card upon payment of annual dues. This coupon card includes 3 practice passes and 3 invitations for members to bring friends to play 18 holes together.


  • Member Handicap Requirements

To ensure fairness in all club tournaments, the club will continue monitoring members playing rounds, to ensure all members make a reasonable attempt to enter all acceptable scorecards for their handicap.


According to the handicap system, the two basic premises are;

1)    Each player will try to make the best score at every hole.

2)    Each player will post every acceptable round for peer review.


Particularly for point 2, if the club identifies any member consistently playing but not entering scorecards, the club will take one or more of the following actions;

1)    Post the actual score made by the player (if known).

2)    Post a penalty score.

3)    Post the actual score and a penalty score.

4)    Inform the member in writing and manually adjust or withdraw the Handicap Index.