Maintenance Updates

During the month of May all the greens have been verticut and top dressed on a weekly basis, this promotes a firmer and smoother surface as well as leveling out any remaining unfilled holes from coring.


Additional drainage has been installed into the greenside bunker on hole 7 to prevent waterlogging. All bare areas marked GUR on hole 1 are the result of spraying herbicide, these are now “dead grasses” until Zoysia grass regrows.


Maintenance Schedule – June


8 – 10 June, verticut & light topdressing sand all greens.

  • Greens will be cut daily and all completed by 8:30 am
  • Cutting schedule of tees, fairways, rough, aprons will begin after greens have been cut
  • Fairways – 2x/week, rough – 1x/week
  • Cutting schedules may be disrupted and delayed due to heavy rain