Important Membership Information

Dear Member,

We hope you are healthy, safe and well and we remain very optimistic that 2021 will see a revival in International travel.

This unprecedented year has been extremely challenging for everyone across the world. At Laguna Golf Phuket we have faced many challenges since covid-19 hit Thailand. The island of Phuket has been particularly affected, due to the heavy dependence on international tourism.

The club empathises with all members during this year of great difficulty, we understand the stress and uncertainty that many members have had to and are continuing to deal with.

Individually our entire staff is going through many of the same challenges. On March 24th, 2020, the golf course was closed by government order and reopened on May 3rd. In response to this closure the club extended all memberships by a period of one month, as a gesture of goodwill for lost playing time.

In 2020 the club has had to strictly control expenditure as best as possible whilst still maintaining the best service experience we can. Members’ annual dues contribute to the overall operating budget and allow the club to keep the course in consistently good condition year-round. The balance of non-member play revenue, helps us to keep the members’ annual dues lower than most neighboring clubs in Phuket.

Whilst we empathise with members overseas who haven’t been able to use the club’s facilities, due to restrictions in international travel, the club took the decision to follow the members’ declaration that states members must pay annual dues when required without exception. This was decided to exercise fairness to all members and to maintain the golf course condition for the long term benefit of all concerned.

The club would like to announce that despite our challenging business situation, there will be no increase in annual dues for 2021. We look forward to the covid situation around the world improving and travel restrictions being lifted, so we can welcome you all back as soon as possible.