2024 Match Play Championship

Conditions of Entry
  • The Match Play Championship shall be open to Members of Laguna Golf Phuket ONLY.
  • Registration must be submitted in person in the Pro shop or via email – by 27 December 2023.
  • All contact details of the participant must be clearly written, as to allow for ease of communication between players.
  • Entry Fee is THB 1,000 per player. Caddie & Cart fees are to be paid as normal each round.
  • Golf carts are allowed for all players.
Format of Play
  • The format of play will be Match Play for all players.
  • The knock out draw will be seeded based on WHS handicap index.
  • Players are to book their own tee times at the Pro Shop within the round dates.
  • Matches may be played within a four ball group, except for the Final.
  • It is the responsibility of the winner to notify LGP (via email golf@lagunaphuket.com or complete a match result sheet in the Pro Shop within 24 hours).
  • Maximum competition handicap is 24 for Men and 36 for Ladies.
  • All WHS handicap indexes shall be converted to a competition handicap based on the slope rating from the Blue tee for Men and the Red tee for Ladies.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to check their handicap before each match is played as handicaps may change during the period of this event. All players must use their handicap taken from the latest WHS handicap club update.
  • To qualify for entry into the Match Play Championship, ALL participants are to have entered a minimum of 3 cards of 18 holes in the handicap system within the last 6 months. Players may be asked for proof of this by the committee, failure to meet the criteria may result in the player being withdrawn from the competition.
  • Shot Allocation: The higher-handicapped player receives the full difference in Course Handicap between the two players; the lower-handicapped player plays from scratch (0) and does not receive shots
  • Example: A player with a Course Handicap of 17 plays against a player with a Course Handicap of The full difference is 4 shots. Therefore the player receives a  shot on each of the 4 most difficult holes (lowest HCP index holes).
  1. The Matches will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A and USGA and the Local Rules of Laguna Golf Phuket (LGP).
  2. Matches will be played from the following tees: Men – Blue , Ladies – Red 
  3. In a Match Play format, a hole can either be Won, Lost or Halved. A player who has won more holes than there are remaining to play (i.e. 3 holes up with only 2 holes to play) is deemed the winner of the match.
  4. All results are too be forwarded within 24 hours of the match
  5. During a match, if there are any differences of opinion regarding the rules of golf, please play two (2) balls and a final decision on the ruling will be made by the Director of Golf.
  6. If a match ends all square after 18 holes, the result will be decided by a hole by hole  sudden death playoff. The playoff should start on the 1st No Handicap strokes are given in a sudden death the playoff.
  7. Players must attempt to play ALL matches. In the event that a top named player has proposed 3 different game dates, but the other player has not accepted, the top named player will advance to the next round. Decisions on this will be made by the Director of Golf, in the spirit of the game we encourage all players to make an