3 Keys to Smooth Pace of Play

Laguna Golf Phuket welcomes golfers of all levels to enjoy our stunning course and unparalleled experience. As High season approaches, ensuring a smooth pace of play for everyone becomes even more important.

Here’s how you can contribute to an enjoyable round for yourself and your fellow golfers.

Embrace Ready Golf

Be prepared when it’s your turn. Limit pre-shot routines to a maximum of 45 seconds and two practice swings. Putt out when possible and avoid marking very short putts. Remember, during busy periods, single players and pairs may be joined with others to maintain efficient flow.

Respect the Pace​

Keep up with the group ahead of you and be mindful of faster players behind. When possible, allow them to pass through gracefully. Remember, we’re all here to enjoy the game, and courtesy extends to respecting everyone’s time on the course.

Follow Instructions & Be Mindful

Play attention to the guidance of marshals, who are dedicated to ensuring smooth play for everyone. Avoid unnecessary delays in areas like sand traps or rough. Be aware of the busy period and the 5 pm caddie booking cut-off to plan accordingly.

Beyond these key points, here are some additional tips for smooth sailing:
  • Minimize distractions: Leave your phone in your pocket and focus on the game.
  • Prepare your next shot while others play: While waiting for your turn, strategize your next shot so you’re ready to swing confidently.
  • Be considerate and maintain good sportsmanship: A positive attitude and respect for fellow players contribute greatly to a pleasant experience for everyone.

By contributing to a smooth pace of play, you’re not just enjoying your round more, but also enhancing the experience for everyone at Laguna Golf Phuket.

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