Are Caddies Compulsory When You Play Golf in Thailand?

Yes, Caddies Are Compulsory in Thailand

In Thailand, caddies are compulsory when you play golf. This is one of the ways that golf courses in Thailand ensure employment for the local people.

Caddies Add an Additional Element to Thailand Golf

However, caddies should not be seen as a necessary evil. In fact, they add an additional element to Thailand golf that is not found elsewhere. Most Thai golf caddies are very well trained and are there to ensure that you have a relaxed and enjoyable round.

Caddies Are Not There to Judge You

They are not there to judge you and will typically smile and say “Mai pen rai” which means “No problem” even if you are not happy with your shot.

Caddies Should Be Seen as a Bonus to Playing Golf in Thailand

So, if you are planning on playing golf in Thailand, be sure to embrace the caddy experience. They are a valuable asset and can make your round much more enjoyable.

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