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How to Prepare for Playing Golf in the Rainy Season

Playing golf in the rainy season can be a challenge, but with the right preparation, you can still have an enjoyable game. Here are five ways to prepare yourself:

  1. Invest in proper rain gear: A good waterproof golf jacket, pants, and shoes are essential to keep you dry during your game. Don’t forget a waterproof hat or cap to keep your head dry too!
  2. Choose the right golf ball: On a rainy day, the ball will get wet and won’t travel as far as it would on a dry day. Choose a ball with a soft cover to help it stick to the wet grass better.
  3. Use an umbrella: Bring a large umbrella with you to protect yourself and your equipment from the rain. You can also use it to keep your golf bag dry while you’re playing.
  4. Adjust your grip: When playing in wet conditions, your grip can become slippery. Adjust your grip to be a bit tighter than usual to help prevent the club from slipping out of your hands.
  5. Play strategically: On a rainy day, the course will be wet, and the ball won’t roll as far. Adjust your shots accordingly, and aim for shorter distances to account for the reduced ball travel. Play smart and focus on accuracy rather than distance to improve your game on a rainy day.

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