The Challenging Par 5: A Delightful Test

Laguna Golf Phuket offers a breathtaking landscape where golfers can experience the perfect blend of challenge and natural beauty. Among its nine remarkable holes, the Par 5 stands out as a true test of skill and precision. Stretching 554 yards, this hole demands strategic thinking, powerful shots, and meticulous planning to conquer. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of this nerve-wracking yet rewarding Par 5 at Laguna Golf Phuket Course.

A Picturesque Setting:

As you step onto the tee box of the Par 5 at Laguna Golf Course, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent view. The elevated fairway lies before you, enticing you to take on the challenge. To the right, a picturesque lagoon gracefully meanders alongside the fairway, offering a serene backdrop to your game. However, beware of the out-of-bounds lurking along the entire left side, reminding you of the need for precision and accuracy.

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The Ideal Tee Shot:

To set yourself up for success on this demanding Par 5, it is crucial to favor the right side with your tee shot. A well-placed drive will provide an ideal position for the subsequent nerve-wracking layup. Finding the fairway with your tee shot not only avoids the treacherous out-of-bounds but also sets you up for a controlled approach to the green.

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Nerve-Wracking Layup:

After a successful tee shot, the next challenge awaits—a nerve-wracking layup. At approximately 80 yards from the green, a strategically positioned fairway bunker challenges your decision-making. Long irons or fairway woods are the weapons of choice here, allowing you to navigate the fairway and set up a manageable approach to the green. While only the longest hitters will dare to reach the green in two, the majority of golfers find solace in taking a well-calculated layup.

Precision and Strategy:

As you approach the green, precision becomes paramount. Your approach shot must be executed flawlessly, aiming for the correct portion of the green to avoid leaving a treacherous putt. The green’s undulations and potential pin placements demand a strategic approach to maximize your chances of scoring well. Careful club selection and accuracy are essential in tackling this final part of the hole.

A Par to Celebrate:

The Par 5 at Laguna Golf Phuket is a hole that golfers of all skill levels can appreciate. While the longest hitters may attempt to conquer it in two, most golfers will find satisfaction in a well-earned par. The combination of challenging features, the picturesque lagoon, and the ever-present out-of-bounds creates a thrilling experience that rewards both skill and strategy.


Laguna Golf Phuket Course’s Par 5 is a masterpiece, blending natural beauty with a challenging layout. Measuring 554 yards, this hole requires golfers to showcase their skills while navigating an elevated fairway, avoiding out-of-bounds, and strategically positioning their shots. With a well-calculated layup and a precise approach to the green, players can conquer this Par 5 and walk off with a satisfying par. Embrace the challenge, soak in the beauty, and enjoy the delightful test that awaits you at Laguna Golf PhuketCourse.

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